Brittany, Office Manager

Brittany is the fearless leader of our super-powered cleaning heroes. Her favorite part about being the Home Clean Heroes Office Manager is knowing that her work is giving back the gift of time; allowing people to spend more time with their family rather than having to worry about cleaning their home. Her superpower is her attention to detail and efficiency, which are important qualities in the home cleaning business! She also credits her grandfather as the superhero in her life and from whom she gleaned these skills.

Tee, Team Leader

Tee is a valuable leader on the Home Clean Heroes team. A customer favorite and often specially requested, her true superpower is bringing joy to her clients and teammates daily. Her family and friends would agree since they all say she is funny and entertaining. Tee’s favorite room in the house is the kitchen because it is the heart of the home. We’re so glad that Tee is leading the way in fighting grime all over the city, aren’t you?

Destini, Team Leader

Originally from Newport News, VA, Destini is our very own Superwoman. Standing at just 4’11, she uses her superpowers to bring organization to her team, along with fighting dust bunnies to ensure a detailed clean each and every time. Her favorite room in the house is the living room where she likes to spend her free time when not cleaning. You can be sure Destini will leave her own personal touch in your living room for a comfortable welcome upon your arrival home, complete with fluffed pillows and folded blankets.

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