Brittany, Office Manager

Brittany is the fearless leader of our super-powered cleaning heroes. Her favorite part about being the Home Clean Heroes Office Manager is knowing that her work is giving back the gift of time; allowing people to spend more time with their family rather than having to worry about cleaning their home. Her superpower is her attention to detail and efficiency, which are important qualities in the home cleaning business! She also credits her grandfather as the superhero in her life and from whom she gleaned these skills.

Caroline, Team Leader

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, we’re happy to have Caroline on the Home Clean Heroes team. Despite her sometimes shy nature, she brings her fun and free spirited energy to the group. Her favorite superhero is Batman, and while he uses his superpowers toward fighting crime in Gotham City, Caroline spends her days fighting grime in Virginia Beach!

Canisia, Team Leader

Canisia hails from Chesapeake, Virginia. She joined Home Clean Heroes because she knew she’d be able to make a real difference in people’s homes. Her favorite room in the house is the living room, because that is where family comes together. She is dependable, hard working, and claims strength is her super power. It’s no surprise then that her favorite superhero is She-Hulk. We’re glad to have her superhuman strength on the team!

Noe, Team Leader

Noe is a valuable member of our team. Serving as the HCH Team Leader, her superpower is her attention to detail. As a perfectionist, she makes sure the bedroom is pristine with fluffed pillows and folded blankets which is very much appreciated by our customers! When she’s not motivating our heroes, Noe enjoys fishing, horseback riding, and anything else that gets her outdoors.

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