5 Habits to Put In Place to Maintain You New Year’s Resolutions

Post-It notes that say New Year New Goals on a desk

It’s that time of year again! For many, the opportunity for a fresh start to become the best version of yourself is exciting. For many of us though, it can feel overwhelming more than anything else. With the pressure to be perfect, it usually ends in giving up the first time we fall short. While it’s difficult to maintain resolutions, with these five tips, we will help you form long-term habits to be successful in achieving goals, rather than just trying to cut bad habits out cold turkey to get to where you want to be. 1. Set smaller goals…

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Clean Is Back In Session

Father helping son get ready for school

Ahhh, September is upon us. The swarm of tourists have left for the season, the weather is cooling a bit and children are returning to school. Life can return to normal, right? Whether you have school-aged children, are an empty nester, or haven’t yet started a family of your own, there is something about “Back To School” that gets people excited to start a new chapter.  September is often chaotic, as work pressures seem to come fast and furious with just a few months remaining to achieve year-end goals, all the while trying to get our children on a school schedule.…

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Making the Most Out of Rainy, Summer Days

Rain drops on window on a sunny day

We can all relate to that feeling of dread when you see those dark clouds begin to cover the sky, or when you feel those first few raindrops fall on your skin. The bright and sunny beach day you’ve been planning, or that backyard cookout you were excited to host are now both put on hold.  The good news is that the sunny days will soon return. But for now, you still want to make the most of your summer, despite the damper that this rainy forecast has put on your plans. Here are some ways you can combat the…

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