Home Clean Heroes of West Houston believes in making household cleaning more convenient. Using the options below, save time and set a schedule of recurring service appointments on the days that work best for you. Have a home cleaning emergency? Check out our Save-Me-Now Services for offers crafted specifically for the common cleaning crisis.

White icon of muscle with soap bubbles on light blue backgroundSUDS OF STEEL: WEEKLY CLEANING SERVICE

You battle a busy schedule. You combat clutter, courtesy of your roommates. You fight your way through fields of the kids’ left-behind Legos, and you’re all too familiar with the pain of tiny plastic bricks. And despite the best efforts of your two cats, you’ve mastered the art of de-shedding the couch with a lint roller. You’re a warrior of the weeklong whirlwind, and when it comes down to it, you want a clean that you can count on. Home Clean Heroes’ Suds of Steel service plan promises an indestructible, consistent defense against dirt, perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. With our Suds of Steel service plan, your Heroes will visit once a week to deliver a sparkling clean, stress-free home.

White icon that's a power symbol but also a bubble on a light blue backgroundPRACTICAL POWER-UP: BI-WEEKLY CLEANING SERVICE

For the most part, you’re able to find the time to keep the house together, but even though you’re able to manage the mess, you could use more time to focus on the things you love. Take a break and breathe easy, Home Clean Heroes is here to help. Bi-weekly cleanings allow you to schedule recurring service at your preferred pace, with all of that same, super, Home Clean Heroes quality you’ll find in our other service options. When you choose our Practical Power-Up service plan, you’ll enjoy the stress-free convenience of a guaranteed cleaning once every two weeks, and more time to spend on the things that matter most.

White icon of superhero taking out stinky trash bag on light blue backgroundGUARDIAN GRIME-FIGHTER: MONTHLY CLEANING SERVICE

You’ve got this down— Dirt is definitely something you can handle. However, after a month of dealing with dust and gathering grime, you’re starting to feel like your home could use a deep clean and a fresh start. With Home Clean Heroes’ Guardian Grime-fighter service plan, we’ve got your back whenever you need to refresh your household cleaning routine. When you schedule our Guardian Grime-fighter service plan, our Heroes will visit once a month so you can enjoy all the relaxation of your very own reset-button.

White icon of superhero holding up a house on a light blue background


When common cleaning crises strike, Home Clean Heroes has you covered. Check out our Save-Me-Now Services for more details.



Icon of a blue oven with the door open


Let’s face it, your oven takes a beating.  Whether you whip up a gourmet family dinner each night, have a baking bash, or are just learning the difference between pre-heat and broil, one thing is for sure – a dirty oven makes all your great creations well, a little less appetizing.  While that self-cleaning feature might seem like your best friend, a little elbow grease is the only thing to really get the inside of your oven really clean. Add this service on to any regular cleaning for when you need to up your oven game.  We’ll take out and clean the racks and then give the entire inside some TLC –  so you can get back to watching Top Chef.

Graphic of a blue refrigerator with the doors open


Limes and turkey and bacon, oh my!  From time to time, the refrigerator can seem to take on a life of its own.  Let our superpowers go to work for you!  While we can’t identify your last week leftovers, we’ll remove all items from the inside of the refrigerator, including your shelves, give those shelves and everything inside a thorough cleaning, and then we will put all the food back whenever you add this amenity to your regular service.

Graphic of a blob of grime with a strike through it


Get the best of both worlds!  Choose this bundled package to bring that sparkle back to the inside of both your oven and refrigerator for one low price.


Have streaky, dirty windows that you can barely see out of? No need to fret! Our grime-fighters will leave your windows squeaky clean and clear with our wondrous window cleaning add-on service. The window clean add-on consists of cleaning the inside glass and the window tracks.

Give us a call to add the Operation Clean Oven, Refrigerator Rescue, Grime Beating Bundle or Wondrous Window Clean to your regular cleaning service so that home will shine!

* Add-on services only available with regular house cleaning services


Hero Guarantee logo with cape on the wordsWe are completely committed to making sure you love the results of our services. When you hire our Heroes, each cleaning visit is backed by our Home Clean Heroes Satisfaction Guarantee.

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