Ready to learn more about our Force Field Disinfecting Mist? Read our FAQs below for the inside scoop!

What is the Force Field Disinfecting Mist?

It’s a new add-on service (meaning it can be added on to any other home cleaning service) where our cleaning technicians will use a super-powered mister to apply an electro-statically charged hospital-grade disinfectant to cover even those hard to reach surfaces in your home. It’s proven effective at killing 99.99% of viruses, including Influenza, Norovirus, Salmonella and COVID-19, yet safe for your furniture, pets and family.

How much does Force Field cost?

The Force Field Disinfecting Mist costs $70 per floor in homes (up to 2,000 square feet per floor).

How long does it take to apply the Force Field treatment?

After a regular cleaning service, the Force Field can be applied in most homes in approximately 45 minutes or less.

Can I get just the Force Field treatment?

Unfortunately, the Force Field service is not effective as a stand-alone option. In order to disinfect a surface, it must be cleaned first. That’s why we offer this as an add-on service to any cleaning service we provide.

How does Force Field work?

Cleaning technician spraying force field disinfecting mistThe service uses a super-powered mister to apply a hospital grade disinfectant to the surfaces in your home. If you are familiar with a pest control company sprayer or room de-fogger it is similar to that. The mister will spray electrostatically charged disinfectant, which looks like a super fine mist, in your home which will cling to those difficult to reach surfaces.

After spraying, the disinfectant needs to sit – or what we call dwell time – for 1 minute. We recommend that you, your children or pets are not in the room during treatment, but certainly are welcome to return to the room after the dwell time is over. Likewise, we recommend you cover any fish tanks if you have them during this service.

What does electrostatic charge mean and how does it work?

The disinfectant droplets pass through an electrode before leaving the mister. This electrode gives the droplets a positive charge (think negative/positive charge on atoms).


If you are interested in adding the Force Field treatment onto your cleaning service, give us a call at 757-941-5444.

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