10 Boredom Busters for When You’re Stuck At Home

Little boy sitting bored on the couch at home with parents in background

In the current environment of social distancing, it’s easy to binge watch the latest and greatest on Netflix. But if you can’t take another minute of Tiger King or have seen enough Corona themed memes for a lifetime, then take a look at some of these suggestions to help cure the boredom blues.

1. Family game night.

Why not play games as a family each night?  And if you’re already bored of the games in your house, consider a board game swap with a neighbor (just be sure to disinfect the game before playing with it).  If you are in self-quarantine or your game loving family is in another place, there are virtual games you can play such as Psych, or host a night of Win, Lose or Draw over Zoom.

2. Take everyone back to school.

Sure, with the kids at home, balancing work and school priorities can be challenging. Why not make a game of history and have everyone in the family choose someone to research and share their findings at dinner? Not a history buff? Not to worry, try picking a TV show or movie and having everyone in the family research a different member of the cast (their real name, when they were born, what their first acting gig was, etc). Bonus points if you dress up as the person you are researching!

3. Go on a Bear Hunt.

If you haven’t heard of this craze this is popping up in neighborhoods all across the country, then you might not have kids. The idea is to put a bear in your window facing the street so that children can find them when they are out on walks. Download our ready to be colored Home Clean Heroes bear template – complete with a cape – and get hunting!

4. Have your own Minute to Win it challenge.

This is fun for all ages. Here’s a great list of minute to win it games that kids and adults will enjoy!

5. Go bowling.

You can’t go to the normal alley, but put your own spin on the kingpin game by using tape to make a bullseye on your carpet. Roll a tennis ball or golf ball and see who can get the most “strikes” – in this case, bullseye.

6. Create a virtual book club.

If there is a book you have always wanted to read, enlist some of your friends and family to read along with you and then host a virtual book club meeting over Zoom.

Little boy cracking an egg in a bowl for baking

Let’s face it, a lot of us probably said we would read more if we weren’t so busy all the time. So, now’s the time to test that theory!

7. Learn basic (or advanced) cooking skills.

Everyone is probably eating at home a lot more frequently than they’re used to. There is no reason why one person has to bear the brunt of all the meal prep. Why not rotate different people to be in charge on different nights? Or, you can choose a type of cuisine and explore different recipes to come up with new family favorites.

8. Get started cleaning out and organizing that junk drawer.

You know the one, the drawer that everything gets tossed into. Once you’ve conquered that, move on to another drawer. Set a goal of organizing and purging two drawers and day and when this quarantine is lifted, you’ll have drawers that even Marie Kondo will envy. If you need a more structured list to follow, check out this 30 day guide to decluttering your home.

9. Make you own hand sanitizer.

Whether you’re under stay at home orders, or just can’t find any sanitizer in your store, check out this easy DIY solution.

10. Write handwritten thank you notes.

Send these to hospital workers, first responders, delivery drivers, and other essential workers on the front lines. Doing a little to brighten their day will surely brighten yours, too.

These are just a few fun ideas to get your creativity flowing and the family together (even if it means getting together virtually). In tough times like these, it’s important to lean on loved ones and to be able to laugh together to make the most of the situation.