July 4th: How to host an outdoor, social-distancing barbecue

Burgers and chips on Fourth of July

For the past several months, we have been spending most of our time indoors, where the keys to staying healthy have consisted of isolating ourselves and practicing avid cleaning habits. While we approach more flexible safety regulations regarding the coronavirus pandemic, our hope only grows larger that we can celebrate summer as “normal” as possible – and what better way to celebrate than to host a Fourth of July barbecue? While hosting an event may seem close to impossible in a stressful time like this, here are 10 ways you can present a safe, regulated, and fun party environment for…

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Disinfector on Duty!

Graphic of a woman standing and her shadow as a superhero

Recently, there has been a larger focus on the frightening germs out there and ways to be more thorough with sanitizing and cleaning to combat those germs. Because of that, we want to introduce you to our newest Home Clean Heroes grime-fighter sidekick: Disinfector on Duty! Home Clean Heroes believes that a clean home is a healthier home, and so we’re here to save the day with added safety precautions when cleaning your home. Our Disinfector on Duty represents what we’re all about and is here to share some of our added cleaning practices we’ve put in place to keep…

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