12 “Foil-Pack” Dinners You Must Try this Fall

12 Foil Pack Dinners to Try This Fall

If you’ve been grilling all summer long, don’t stop now! Keep up the streak and give the foil-pack dinner trend a try. These recipes surprisingly aren’t just for camping. They’re great go-to’s for fast, kid-friendly meals, and are deliciously simple, too. 

Here’s the breakdown: toss in your ingredients, wrap them up in foil, and throw the entire packet on the grill or on a grate on your firepit. Starting to get a little too chilly out? You can even cook some in the oven, too. Check out these foil-pack dinner ideas to get started: 

    1. Butter Garlic Herb Steak Foil Packs. Can’t beat steak and potatoes! These are simple, hearty, and ready in 30 minutes.
    2. Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Foil Packs. Perfectly sweet and tangy as we transition from summer to fall! Switch up your usual chicken dinner recipes and give this one a go. 
    3. Salsa Verde Chicken and Rice Foil Packs. Try out this Mexican twist on chicken and rice. Personalize it with all of your favorite toppings: sour cream, guacamole, and more! 
    4. Shrimp Boil Foil Pack. Shrimp, corn, potatoes, cajun seasoning…need we say more? Make these with the family or at your next backyard BBQ for everyone to enjoy. 
    5. Lemon Chicken and Zucchini Foil Packs. Healthy, light, and perfect for a weeknight meal. 
    6. Surf & Turf Foil Packs. Have the best of both worlds with this steak and shrimp meal, in just 25 minutes! 
    7. Tilapia & Pesto Veggie Foil Packs. Fast, flavorful, AND you get your veggies in with this easy recipe.
    8. Grilled Salmon & Lemony Asparagus Foil Packs. Not only super simple, but also heart-healthy and antioxidant-rich. Come and get it! 
    9. Sausage & Veggie Foil Packs. Get your protein fix in with some savory sausage, cooked to perfection with butter, garlic, and herbs. 
    10. Vegetarian Curry Cauliflower Foil Packs. So healthy and flavorful, you won’t even know it’s vegan! Try out this creative twist on cauliflower.
    11. Lobster Tail Foil Packs. In-laws in town? Impress your guests by serving up these tasty, lemony lobster tails.
    12. Pesto Caprese Chicken Foil Packs. Deliciously light and simple…you’ll want to put this on the menu for tomorrow night’s meal!

So, what are you waiting for? Save yourself the time without sacrificing taste by trying out some of these foil-pack dinner recipes. And when it’s all said and done, call Home Clean Heroes to clean the mess, so that we can save you even more time – to spend on the things that matter most.