3 Steps To Having A Clean Home With Pets

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At Home Clean Heroes, we know how much you love your pets, because we have some of our own. We understand that those little four-legged furry friends are part of the family. We also happen to know that living with pets means having to deal with a whole lot of extra cleaning. The little guys can’t clean up after themselves, after all. There are also many breeds that bring a lot of fur, dander and dirt into the home. But they’re worth it, right?  So, let us offer a little advice…

Here are our top three tips for a hassle-free clean home, even with pets.

1. Start with the right bones.

According to Dr. Becker, starting with the right flooring, furniture, window coverings and wall finishes can make keeping your house clean with pets a whole lot easier. Obviously carpet collects more dust and dander and is harder to clean than tile, vinyl, laminate, concrete, or hardwood floors. If you already have carpet, you can put down rugs in high-activity areas because they’re easier to scrub up than carpet and can even be thrown in the wash if they get too dirty. The next component to think about is furniture. Choosing furniture with the right material is essential for making cleaning less of a hassle. If your pets aren’t allowed on the furniture, leather is the way to go. If they are and you don’t want leather furniture that scratches, you could try crypton or just use canvas coverings that you can easily remove and throw in the wash. The next step is choosing window coverings that don’t attract pet fur or dander. Options like wood blinds or roller blinds will stay tidier than curtains or drapes. Finally, try to finish your walls with paint that is easy to wipe clean in case of any messy situations.

Starting with a home that is easy to clean will save you a lot of time and effort in the future when you have pets.

2. Use pet-friendly cleaning products.

With all the extra dirt and dust accumulating from your pets, as well as dirty paw prints and whatever accidents happen, we understand that you’ll want to stay on top of cleaning up after your pet. It’s important to keep in mind what products may not be safe to use around your pets. They don’t know to stay away from corrosive cleaners that could give them raw skin, pain, fever, itchy and tearing eyes, damage to the mouth and throat or lethargy. In severe cases, some household cleaning products could be deadly to animals. Dr. Justine Lee suggests that pet owners be wary when using drain cleaners, pool chemicals, dishwashing chemicals, lime-removal products, oven cleaners, and toilet cleaners around pets. Even if you don’t think your pet will get near the chemical, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

In place of these dangerous chemicals, there are a variety of safer products on the market as well as DIY cleaners that you can make at home and use safely around your pets. Baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice are all natural products to use around your pets that get the cleaning job done. Making your own cleaners will save you money and using these products means you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pets either.

3. Have a pet-designated space.

Keep your pet in their own, comfortable space overnight to concentrate most of the dander and fur in one area. This means any night time accidents will be confined to one area as well. In addition, your pet won’t damage furniture, floors, or any personal belongings while you sleep. You can also put your pet in their space before having guests over. If you allow your pet to lounge in one area, you will be able to finally catch up with cleaning up their fur. Allowing your pet to run free during the night, while you are not around to watch them, could cause for some messy morning clean-ups. Just make sure they have enough room to relax plus water and food.

We know that even if you do follow these three steps, your house could still accumulate little presents left behind by your pet. Why not enjoy all the benefits of your furry friends and hire Home Clean Heroes for the not-so-fun cleanup responsibilities? Contact us for a free estimate and you’ll have your family and your pet enjoying a clean environment in no time!