30-Day Declutter Challenge

Clean, decluttered cabinet in kitchen pantry

We all know the drill—start the year with grand plans to declutter our lives and start our resolutions, only to hit a slump by mid-January. But fear not, because Home Clean Heroes has a solution: a 30-day declutter challenge! We’re diving into the messy busyness of resolutions, acknowledging the fact that we often fall short trying to complete them. This isn’t just about tossing stuff; it’s about turning those good intentions into real, lasting change. We also have an easy downloadable guide here to help you stay on track during this challenge and make those resolutions stick!

Day 1

  • Old clothes: Keep a donation box in your closet and keep it in mind to toss clothes in throughout the month. At the end of the 30 days, donate the box of clothes.

Day 2

  • Give everything a home: Keys can go on a key rack. Coats can be hung in a closet or on a coat rack. Purses can have their own hook. Giving your items a home makes it easier not to let them pile up on your living room chair.

Day 3

  • Kitchen counter:  Look for things that can be stored in drawers and cabinets rather than on the kitchen counters.

Day 4

  • Cleaning supplies: Get rid of any old and expired cleaning supplies. Keep them tidy under your kitchen sink with a clear plastic bin.

Day 5

  • Bookcases: Organized bookshelves can make your home look much better. You don’t have to get rid of any books, but try to rearrange items to make shelves less cluttered and more aesthetically pleasing.

Day 6

  • Electronics, cords, and cables: Make sure any tablets, computers, or other electronics are stored away as they can make your home feel cluttered. Also keep cords, chargers, and cables organized and preferably hidden. Hero Tip: use an old toilet paper roll to keep them untangled when you store them away.

Day 7

  • Nightstands and dressers: Clear things off the tops of your nightstand and dresser and be selective on what should stay.

Day 8

  • Email: Although it’s not physical, your email can get cluttered very fast. Take the time to go through and delete unnecessary emails. You’ll feel like a new person!

Day 9

  • Shoes: It’s time to get rid of old shoes that are falling apart and shoes you no longer wear. For the remaining shoes, get a good storage bin instead of having them pile up by the front door.

Day 10

  • Pantry: Clear any old and expired food items and organize your remaining food. Getting clear small bins can help separate your snacks and ingredients.

Day 11

  • Sock drawer: Many socks in your drawer are without a pair. Throw them out or use them to dust around the house.

Day 12

  • Mail/Paper: Mail and paper have a way of piling up on your desk and counters. Invest in a shredder and use it as you get mail so it doesn’t have a chance to pile up.

Day 13

  • Beauty products: Different beauty products can accumulate over the years. Go through your products and get rid of anything expired or broken. Getting a counter organizer can help keep your counter uncluttered as well.

Day 14

  • Kitchen drawers: Things can get thrown around and hard to find in your kitchen drawers. Try getting a utensil holder to make it tidier and easier to find items.

Day 15

  • Your daily bag/purse: When you use the same bag every day, things get thrown in there which leads to clutter. Go through your bag and throw away any trash or take out belongings you don’t use regularly.

Day 16

  • Your car: Keep a trash bag in your car to prevent trash from piling up on the floors. Also keep a spare bag to make it easy to bring in anything you leave in your car, such as shoes, clothes, etc.

Day 17

  • Living Room: Invest in double-duty furniture that has storage built in to help store throw blankets and pillows.

Day 18

  • Kids toys: Those with children know that toys start piling up as soon as you put them away. Get a designated basket in their room (or the living room) and get your little ones in the habit of putting their toys in there.

Day 19

  • Jewelry: Throw out any broken or tarnished jewelry and donate any jewelry you haven’t worn in a long time.

Day 20

  • Unused workout equipment: Got free weights lying around that you swore you were going to use but haven’t? Get rid of it! The same goes for any bigger equipment such as treadmills or bikes, they take up a lot of space.

Day 21

  • Laundry room: Create designated places for everything. Repurpose an over-the-door shoe organizer for your laundry essentials to keep them out of plain sight and tidy.

Day 22

  • Your phone: Clear out any old apps that you don’t use to declutter your home screen and to make it easier to access the apps you do use.

Day 23

  • Desk/office space: Throw out any papers that are piling up or office supplies that are broken or not used.

Day 24

  • Kitchen cabinets: Clear any old or unused cups, mugs, plates, etc. Donate them to your local thrift store!

Day 25

  • Linens & Decor: Go through your old linens that have holes or store them in the garage to use in case you need to protect your floor during any painting or car maintenance. Donate any decor that you do not like anymore.

Day 26

  • DVDs & CDs: Throw out any DVDs or CDS that are very damaged or that you no longer use.

Day 27

  • Junk drawer: Go through your junk drawer (we all have one) and get rid of anything that you do not need (old batteries, takeout menus, broken pens, chargers, etc.)

Day 28

  • Dead plants: You may keep forgetting about that dead plant in the living room or kitchen. The longer they hang around the more it can make your spaces seem more cluttered and less vibrant and clean. Toss out any old plants in the trash or repurpose them in a compost bin.

Day 29

  • Filing cabinets: Shred any old documents or papers to free up space.

Day 30

  • Medicine cabinet: Clear out any expired or unused medication.


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