5 Tips to Hosting a Stress-Free Holiday Party

Picture of women and child - 5 tips to hosting a stress-free holiday party

The holidays are upon us. And with this time of year, many of us find our schedules filled with extra shopping, decorating, events, and perhaps even hosting.

Between all of the holiday hoopla, hosting a party may seem like an absolute impossible task. Something that certainly helps is to remember the reason why you’re hosting in the first place – to enjoy friends and family together during this very joyous season. But with any event, there is a natural level of stress that may arise. Fear not.

If you find yourself hosting a gathering, no matter how big or small, here are a few tips to keep your sanity under control.

#1 Start Planning Early

Sure it’s cliché, but if you have a clear plan, and break it down into small parts, it is so much easier to accomplish! By not leaving everything to last minute, you can actually enjoy the gathering yourself. After all, nobody likes a stressed-out hostess. So, make a list of things to buy and knock it out a little at a time. Our favorite trick is this handy beverage calculator– so you know just how many libations to provide for your gathering.

Speaking of planning, drafting a day-of itinerary for food preparation, cook time – even penciling in time to get ready yourself – will ensure a smooth party execution. Remember, you want to be free to mingle with your guests and not tied to the kitchen when the gathering gets underway.

#2 Let the Good Times Roll

Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or an intimate dinner, ice-breakers are a great way to get the laughs flowing. Why not play a game such as Find the Guest or Game of Phones? If your group is too large for an organized game, start the conversation by strategically placing cards from games such as Would You Rather, or something similar, around the buffet table and bar. It will surely get people talking, and better yet, laughing.

#3 Say Cheese

No matter how old you are, a DIY photobooth is always fun. You can make your own props or buy them from your local party store. No need for fancy equipment, just taking photos with your own phone or camera will suffice.  Even better – come up with a fun hashtag for the party and have your guests share on social media using it so you can see all the snapshots!

#4 Overnight Guests

If you have overnight guests (planned or unexpected!) make sure to have a few creature comforts available for their use. An extra soft blanket to layer over the bed in case they are chilly, a new toothbrush on hand in case they forget theirs, bottled water in the guest bedroom (so they aren’t creeping into the kitchen in the middle of the night). And don’t forget to auto set the coffee maker the next morning. Caffeine is everyone’s best friend during the holidays. These little touches are sure ways to make your guests feel welcome.

#5 Tidy Up

Of course, you’ll want your home looking extra snazzy for any gathering, so it’s best to tidy up before the soiree. Even better, call Home Clean Heroes at 757-819-4930 to schedule a cleaning or utilize our Party Protector Package, where we can do a focused cleaning in a certain part of your home before and after your event!

See, hosting isn’t so bad? There’s no need to be frazzled. So, this year, have your loved ones over for a little holiday celebration and have a wonderful time. Be sure to utilize these tips and let us know in the comments how your gathering went. Cheers!