Our Favorite Tidy Tips

Our Favorite Tidy Tips - Home Clean Heroes - Lemon Background

If you have been following our Facebook page, you’ve likely seen some of our Tidy Tips we routinely share (hint: we call it #TidyTipTuesday for a reason). To save you the time of scrolling through past posts, we have pulled together 10 of our top favorite tips (and a few new ones, too) into this handy list for easy reference. Have extra lemons laying around? Try some of these tricks… Bring a shine back to your faucets by rubbing a lemon half on the watermarks. The citric acid helps remove hard water stains. Smelly garbage disposal? Run a few lemon…

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10 Steps to a Tidier Home, Inside and Out

Couch and Side Table - Tidy Home Spring Cleaning Tips

Now that daylight savings has come and gone, and spring has officially arrived, we are so ready for spring blooms and sunny skies. And with warmer temps and longer days, comes the inevitable spring cleaning. There’s something about the turn of a season that motivates us to clean house! If the thought of shaking out the dust of those area rugs or getting into the nitty-gritty of your baseboards makes your heart skip a beat (or gives you a minor panic attack), read on for our 10 steps to a tidier home. These tips will help give the normally neglected…

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The Answer to Long Winter Days Cooped Up Indoors: The 5 Minute Kid Chore Chart

The 5 Minute Kid Chore Chart

When kids are cooped up at home during the colder months, it can be hard on the whole family. From cabin fever to too-close quarters to kids’ constant cries of “I’m bored,” long winter weekends can be tough. Plus, because the cold weather keeps families indoors, it’s nearly impossible not to notice the inevitable mess that piles up around the house almost immediately upon kids entering the room. How can you motivate your child to participate in a productive and fun activity that not only helps break up the day, but also helps lend a hand with housework? Enter the…

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