Maintaining A Clean Home as You Get Back into Routine

A woman that's busy at work

We never thought we’d see the day of having a busy schedule again, but here we are. Finally! Schedules are starting to fill up again. From going back to work at the office to catching up with friends we haven’t been able to in over a year, to sports and events that have been rescheduled more times than we can count. With the transition back to real life, cleaning has taken the back burner. After so much time at home, the last thing we want to think about now is finding the time to clean when we’re relearning how to have plans and be busy. Here are some easy tips to keep your house clean, so that you can come home to a clean and relaxing space.

Keep a Chore Chart on the Fridge

Clean kitchen counter

This makes it easy for every family member to easily recognize their tasks for the week, so whether arriving home from work or school, you don’t have to think about what needs done but can just check the chore chart and tackle your chore quickly. It also provides accountability so no one person gets stuck with every task. Here are some tips on making a fun and engaging chore chart for the kiddos.

Break Up Tasks

If you feel like you have to clean the entire house at once, it can be daunting so that you end up just sitting down and turning on the TV to escape the gigantic task looming over you. If you decide to tidy up one or two smaller areas a day, it’s a lot less intimidating and will make you feel good when you can check each smaller task off the list.

Put on Your Favorite Music or Podcast While You Clean

Turn up some cheerful tunes while you dust, or put on your favorite murder mystery podcast while sweeping. If you want to take the motivation even further, set the precedent that you’ll only listen to that specific podcast while you clean. Did it leave you on a cliffhanger? Better start hanging those clothes then so you can find out who the killer is! You might just start looking forward to folding your laundry.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Whether you can’t handle it all on your own, or don’t WANT to handle it all on your own, we hear you! You don’t want to spend all of your time in the never-ending cycle of wiping down counters and vacuuming after the forever revolving door of family members and pets track in dirt, food, and anything else that can leave a mess. Call your Home Clean Heroes to save you from time-consuming cleaning!

Home Clean Heroes is here to help you transition back into full-time working, parenting, socializing, and anything else that’s been thrown your way. We pride ourselves on bringing a new level of professionalism and reliability to the cleaning industry, so that you know you can depend on us to get your home clean the way you want it. Give us a call at 844-439-4376 to find out more about our house cleaning services.