Making the Most Out of Rainy, Summer Days

Rain drops on window on a sunny day

We can all relate to that feeling of dread when you see those dark clouds begin to cover the sky, or when you feel those first few raindrops fall on your skin. The bright and sunny beach day you’ve been planning, or that backyard cookout you were excited to host are now both put on hold. 

The good news is that the sunny days will soon return. But for now, you still want to make the most of your summer, despite the damper that this rainy forecast has put on your plans.

Here are some ways you can combat the rainy day boredom, and enjoy the time indoors so that you can continue to have fun with the whole family this summer. When the clouds clear and the storms stop, you’ll be ready to do it all over again!

  • Bake a bit. When spending the day inside, you could use a little cozying up with some snacks and sweets. This is also the perfect time to teach your little ones the basics of baking, whether they’re good ol’ chocolate chip cookies or simple vanilla cupcakes. Maybe even try out a new dinner recipe with your family, and let them laugh and learn. Don’t forget to take a quick video or snap some photos for the memories, too!
  • Splurge on Self-Care. Take a bath, light some candles, read a book, or turn on your favorite movie. Let yourself relax with the kids…remember, it’s important to recharge. You can even make your own at-home face masks, with items you already have around your house. Check out some of these DIY face masks that are simple, safe, and gentle to use on your skin. 
  • Get crafty. As a parent, your time is extremely valuable. We totally get it! Use this day wisely and get to work indoors. Catch up on some household projects or do some arts and crafts with your kids. Draw, paint, organize, and create — and be sure to check out our Pinterest for ideas, inspiration, and more.
  • Change the scenery. If you absolutely cannot stand being at home any longer, cure the boredom with a field trip. Take the toddlers to the library, a coffee shop, a local museum, or even an aquarium to cultivate some new learning experiences for them. Maybe include a little retail therapy at your closest shopping mall. Sometimes you just need to move and escape from being too cooped up at home. Just grab your umbrella and rainboots! And don’t worry, we’ll manage the mud stains.

So rather than complain about the rain you can’t control, make use of being indoors with your loved ones. There will always be more of those warm, sunny days…and soon, you’ll be looking forward to more of those rainy summer days too. And remember: Home Clean Heroes is here to defend your free time, so that you can spend these days the way you want…rain or shine! Give us a call today at 757-819-4930.