Refresh Your Style: De-cluttering Your Closet for Summer

Woman de-cluttering her closet using Home Clean Heroes cleaning tips

With the arrival of summer, it’s time to embrace the sun-soaked days, light fabrics, and a fresh, breezy wardrobe. But before you can fully immerse yourself in the joys of summer style, it’s essential to declutter your closet and make room for a new season. By clearing out the clutter, you’ll not only create a more organized space but also rediscover hidden gems and breathe new life into your fashion choices.

5 Easy Hacks to DeclutterOrganized closet with summer clothes

Let’s explore the art of decluttering your closet for the summer, offering practical tips and inspiration to help you curate a wardrobe that embodies the spirit of the season. Get ready to say goodbye to the old and welcome a summer wardrobe that brings you joy, ease, and a renewed sense of style.

Assess The Situation

Look at your closet and determine how bad it really is. Is it a big closet that just needs to be properly organized, or is it a smaller space packed with clutter? From there you can determine what your goal is at the end of decluttering the space. Do you want a more organized closet, fewer clothes, more room for new clothes or shoes, or do you just overall want to keep it clean? Having a set goal of what you want your closet to look like in the end will greatly help you tackle the project.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Ask yourself a few questions as you start going through items. When was the last time you wore that shirt? If it’s been months or years, chances are you won’t wear it in the future, and it will continue taking up unnecessary room. Do you see yourself wearing that dress shoved way in the back? Even if you have worn a piece somewhat recently, you should ask yourself if you will ever wear it in the future. Another question to ask is does it fit? It’s hard to say bye to items we’d like to fit into again in the future. The simple solution though, is don’t keep clothes that don’t fit!

Sort Your Clothes Seasonally

Selling or donating your clothes is not the only way to declutter your closet. It can be as simple as organizing your clothes and shoes. Take your items and organize them in piles for fall winter, spring, and summer, and then place them in designated bins. Bins can also help keep clothes from getting dusty and sitting in your closet for months on end without being worn. With summertime peeking around the corner, it’s the perfect time to stash away those winter coats and sweaters and bring out the sundresses and shorts. Repeat this process with every seasonal change, and your closet will free up space!

Keep A Donation BinSorting clothes into a Donate and Keep box

To easily remember what you’ve designated as a donation item while organizing your closet, should keep a donation bin handy. Take a box or bin and put it somewhere tucked away in a corner so that when you decide you don’t want something, toss it in. Once the box is full, take it to your location donation center. This will help keep up with decluttering so you don’t have to do the entire process every couple of months. Try to set reminders to look over your items every few weeks or months, depending on your schedule.

Make Your Clothes (and Closet) Look Their Best!

Once you have a system to declutter, it’s time to find a good system to make your closet look clean and fresh! Clothes that you want to keep but may not get worn very often may get dusty. To prevent the clothes from getting dusty, try to keep plastic garment bags over them. Or use plastic bags from the dry cleaners to protect your clothes from dust. Vacuuming the floors is also an important step in making your closet clean and preventing dust.

After a while, clothes can get a mildewy smell and can make your closet an unpleasant and potentially unhealthy environment. To prevent this, put three tablespoons of baking soda in a container with holes in it and place it anywhere in your closet. This will absorb the moisture in the air and get rid of any musty smells.

If maintaining a clean and fresh closet seems overwhelming, it’s time to give Home Clean Heroes a call to take care of the cleaning. We’ll save you time to go shopping and fill your closet! Call us at 844-HEY-HERO to schedule your next cleaning service.