The Ultimate Summer Cleaning Checklist

Home Clean Heroes cleaner wiping down a dirty window

Summer is in full effect! The sun shines brighter, the days get longer, and our homes become the center of relaxation and fun. From sand that comes in with days at the beach or muddy footprints from backyard barbecues, your home will most likely need some TLC. When summer hosting, it’s essential to ensure that your living space remains fresh and clean. Home Clean Heroes has compiled the perfect checklist to help with your summer cleaning. Whether you are a busy parent, a working professional or just someone who wants to keep their home nice and tidy, Home Clean Heroes is here to help with our guide to an immaculate home for summer!

Clean all your floorsHouse cleaner cleaning floors to remove dirt and grime

Vacuum floors regularly to help rid dirt and debris as well as mopping. This is going to help keep your carpets fresh and pristine and maintain a healthy indoor environment. Start from the farthest corner and work your way through to avoid stepping on areas you have already mopped and vacuumed. For additional tips, check out our blog on The Importance of Regularly Dusting and Vacuuming.

Tackle the Kitchen

Entertaining brings cooking (and drinking) with loved ones. The first step is to make sure your kitchen is in tip top shape. Give it a thorough cleaning by spraying and wiping down all the surfaces. Some tasks you’ll want to add to the checklist that commonly get overlooked are cleaning out the microwave and oven, and sanitizing cutting boards and garbage disposal units. Also go through the pantry and check for any expired pantry items. The kitchen is a common place for people to gather, so make the environment clean and spotless to make guests feel welcomed.

Freshen up Air Vents and Filters

Check and clean your air vents and filters to promote better air quality. It is important to pay attention to your air filters as pollen and allergens float around this time of year. Remove dust and debris from the vents and replace and clean our air filters about every 3 months.

Clean Ceiling Fans and Light FixturesHouse cleaner dusting off ceiling fan blades

Air vents and filters aren’t the only parts of your house that can trap dust and allergens! Make sure to regularly dust ceiling fans and light fixures by using a damp cloth or an extendable duster to clean the fan blades and wipe down lights. This will ensure air flow and prevent dust and allergens from circulating in your home. Also make sure to switch the direction of your fan into summer mode so the air cycles downwards and cools your home!

Clean your windows

In the summer, we tend to open the windows and let the sunshine in. Keeping your window glass clear is an easy way to make your space feel more put together. Spray the windows inside and out with eco-friendly glass cleaner and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Remove screens and gently wash them with mild soap and water solution and put back in once completely dry.

Refresh Bedding and Linens

Swap out those heavier winter blankets with lighter options for you and your guests. Wash the winter blankets and bedding and store in bins. Wash curtains, pillowcases, and cushion covers to create a clean and airy atmosphere.


We encourage you to embrace the joy of summer while also maintaining your cleaning routine. We know you can get caught up in the summer traveling and plans so if maintaining a spotless home seems too much, give Home Clean Heroes a call to take care of the cleaning. Give us a call at 844-HEY-HERO so you can have time for what matters.