‘Tis The Season … For Moving Out

Packed boxes before moving out

June is officially upon us. That means more sunlight each day, warmer evenings and school is out for summer. With the warmer weather comes beach days, cookouts and vacations. Let’s face it, we all know that June, even under normal circumstances, can be a busy time. And with the recent competitive housing market, many have been focused on finding their dream home. June is positioned to be moving season, full of families wanting to get settled in their new homes before the fall school year arrives. If you’re in the process of purchasing a home or moving soon, it’s important to make sure the space you’re leaving is in good shape. It also means making sure your new home is clean and move-in ready so you can focus on getting settled.

What is a Move In/Move Out cleaning?

Simply put, it’s a deep clean of the house once the home is empty. It takes place after the previous owners have moved out and before the new owners or tenant assume possession.

Why is a Move In or Move Out Clean So Important?

Many times, new owners fall in love with the home for its function, aesthetics and location.  The home stager did such a great job minimizing furniture and maximizing space that the new owner or tenant never even saw those cobwebs in the corner, dust on the ceiling fan or gunk in the oven.

There is nothing more disheartening than to walk into your newly purchased (or rented) home, empty of the previous owners’ possessions, only to see all the dirt and grime that were left behind. The last thing a new owner wants to do is spend their first few hours in their new space cleaning it.

What is Included in a Move In or Move Out Clean?

Generally speaking, this type of clean should include a deep cleaning of everything from the ceiling fans to the base boards and the surfaces in between. Aside from just a clean, there should be added touches of cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, oven, kitchen and bathroom doors and cabinets, and even the inside of windows. Some move out cleanings may even include a sweep or leaf blowing out of the garage (usually for an additional price). Typically, shampooing of the carpets is done by a provider other than a house cleaner.

How Much Does It Cost?

You’ll want to do your research here, as some companies charge by the hour, while others will charge by home size, regardless of the time it takes. This is where comparison shopping can be helpful, assuming you have the time to do so. Be sure to ask for any discounts that may be offered.

What Else Should I Know Before Scheduling a Move In or Move Out Cleaning Service?

  • Because move in/move out cleans take longer than a regular house cleaning, it can be difficult to find someone available to take it last minute. The beauty of moving is that you have your move out/move in date about 2-3 weeks before it happens. That’s the time to start calling your chosen provider to get on their schedule. Even one week is better than one day’s notice.
  • It’s extremely difficult for the cleaning crew to work around the movers or homeowners during one of these cleans. Ideally, the house should be empty in order for the team to do their best work.
  • The price of the cleaning service can often be worked into closing costs – just ask the cleaning company when you schedule the service if this is something you want to do.

Tackling this level of deep cleaning is strenuous and stressful. Let Home Clean Heroes take care of it for you, so that you can focus on the excitement of this new chapter in your life! Give us a call at 844-439-4376 to schedule your move in or move out clean today!