5 Spring Cleaning Tips from Home Clean Heroes

The days are longer and the weather’s warming up, which means it’s officially spring! Spring cleaning is one of our favorite activities, but we understand that it can feel a little overwhelming to get started. If you’ve been letting dust bunnies and clutter pile up during the winter months with the thought that you’ll get to it later, this is the perfect time to tackle it head-on!

Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning

The hardest part of cleaning is actually starting. Here are some simple guidelines to help you put a plan of attack in place to get a clean home.

  1. Divide your cleaning tasks up to make it manageable. Trying to decide where to start when you have to clean everything in every part of the house is overwhelming. It’s best to break up your chores into smaller chunks. This can be done a few different ways. You can clean a room at a time and take breaks in between. Or you can split up by task, doing all the sweeping at once and then moving on to all the dusting. You can also prioritize into what absolutely must get done, what is important but can wait, and then lowest importance areas that you can get to after everything else.
  2. Tackle the most unpleasant jobs first. When you get your least favorite cleaning out of the way first, it’s all uphill from there! That way you’re not spending your time dreading those undesirable chores and pushing them back over and over.
  3. Don’t forget those hard to clean spots! In a local news segment, Home Clean Heroes director of marketing Kathy Turley shares tips on easy ways to get those hard-to-reach spots. These tips include how to clean and sanitize your remote control, hosing off door mats, using a lemon to clean the microwave, and using a dryer sheet to dust ceiling fans! You can check out the full list in the news segment here.
  4. Cleaning specialist using the force field disinfecting mist to deep clean difficult surfacesDisinfect your home to get rid of winter germs. After being cooped up in the house for months on end, it’s time to get rid of all the germs that have built up in your home! In select locations, Home Clean Heroes offers a force field disinfecting mist to do just that. Our force field cleaning solution can be used after a regular cleaning service to give an extra boost of protection. Our super-powered misters apply electro-statically charged hospital-grade disinfectant to cover the hard-to-reach surfaces in your home. The treatment is 99.99% effective at killing viruses, but safe for pets and furniture.
  5. Don’t wait until next spring to deep clean again. It’s easy to put off deep cleaning until springtime, but the best way to fight dust and dirt is to do a deep clean every few months. If this just isn’t in the cards for you, give Home Clean Heroes a call to do the dirty work for you!

With these easy spring cleaning tips, your house will be sparkling clean in no time! If you decide you’d rather focus on enjoying that spring sunshine with your family, give Home Clean Heroes a call at 844-439-4376.