Benefits of Using a Cleaning Service This Spring

As we can all tell by the inches thick yellow layer of pollen covering every outdoor surface and the flaring allergies, spring is officially in the air! The start of a new season brings the renewed energy to throw open those windows and create a fresh space to relax in. This means it’s time for some spring cleaning!

It isn’t always easy to dive into spring cleaning though. If you’re like many out there, the sound of doing a deep clean can sound better than the reality of getting started. Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a cleaning company to handle your spring cleaning for you!

Taking on the Piled-Up Winter Clutter is Overwhelming

In many areas across the country, the weather will change from freezing cold to warm spring temps overnight, leaving homeowners disheveled as they try and quickly transition to spring overnight. All those months of putting off cleaning with hopes of waiting til the allotted ‘spring cleaning’ window sneak up on you, leaving you overwhelmed before you even start. Even if you don’t typically work with a cleaning company, why not splurge once a year to spruce up your pad and leave it fresh and crisp for the new season?Home Clean Heroes cleaning technician smiling while cleaning customer's home

Spring is Peak Activity Season

Everything seems to kick off with the start of spring. From the start of your kid’s sports season, to attending weddings every weekend, to outdoor events like concerts and festivals. While we love that events are back in action after the past couple of years, with your schedule overloaded, spring cleaning is just one more thing that will have to take the back burner as you prioritize other activities. That’s why you should leave it to the cleaning professionals!

Create a Healthier Environment for Your Family

With the varying allergies and colds going around from weather and season changes, getting rid of germs and dust will help provide your family with a healthier living environment. Home Clean Heroes uses cleaning agents that meet Green Seal Standard GS-37 along with other EPA-certified solutions that will ensure your house gets the thorough clean it deserves. In addition, if you decide to trust Home Clean Heroes with taking care of your home cleaning needs, our grime-fighters use different cleaning supplies in each room to avoid cross-contamination, providing customers with the best clean possible.


Whether you decide to tackle it yourself or go with a professional cleaning company, spring cleaning is a time for a fresh start. Living in a cleaner space can provide not only a physically clean living space, but also provide a brighter and more positive space to enjoy the spring season. It can boost your mood and provide a more productive atmosphere. If you decide you’d like to hand that duty over to a professional cleaning company to tackle so you can spend your time enjoying the spring season, consider giving Home Clean Heroes a call at 844-439-4376. Our trustworthy and reliable team of grime-fighters will leave your house sparkling this spring season.