July 4th: How to host an outdoor, social-distancing barbecue

For the past several months, we have been spending most of our time indoors, where the keys to staying healthy have consisted of isolating ourselves and practicing avid cleaning habits. While we approach more flexible safety regulations regarding the coronavirus pandemic, our hope only grows larger that we can celebrate summer as “normal” as possible – and what better way to celebrate than to host a Fourth of July barbecue?

While hosting an event may seem close to impossible in a stressful time like this, here are 10 ways you can present a safe, regulated, and fun party environment for your family and friends on July 4th.

Invitation for a barbecue with a picture of a grill and the party detailsKeep the party invite digital

Rather than spreading germs to those on your invite list, spread the word about your party by phone call, text, email, or Facebook post. If you’re more of the creative type, design a patriotic digital card to send your guests! Some online design softwares offer free beginner packages to build and download a personalized party invitation. Here’s an example, designed on Canva with both free settings and features

Set a limit to your guest list

The smaller the guest list is, the safer. Stay updated on current CDC guidelines that determine limits on social gatherings, and remember that less people calls for less risk overall.

It’s safer to celebrate outside

Viruses are less confined outdoors, so planning for an outdoor barbecue will allow you and your guests to partake in fun activities while still social distancing. If the weather is less than ideal for an outdoor party, you as the host can make the call. If you decide to move the party indoors, remember to do what you are most comfortable with – and have everyone pack a mask, just in case. Follow these steps to keep your indoor spaces safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Social-distance decorating

Several, popular decor items can act as 6-foot markers for your guests! If you plan to host a cul-de-sac party, use sidewalk chalk to mark 6-foot dividers. If you bring the barbecue to your forest-filled backyard, hang triangular cutout banners between trees or stick patriotic pinwheels in your grass to determine social-distancing measurements. If you decide to light a bonfire for s’mores and singing, make sure to set up your lawn chairs 6 feet apart around it. 

Family having a fourth of July cookoutGuests should bring their own food and drinks, if possible

In order to prevent the spread of germs, try to avoid the sharing of utensils, dishes, and cups. If you want to be extra cautious, ask your guests to pack personal coolers full of their favorite summer snacks and beverages. Just think of it as a personal, potluck picnic!

Assign roles and responsibilities when serving

If you decide to prepare and share, assign one person to serve guests food to have the least amount of cross-contact. This designated server should wear a mask and gloves, and sanitize often to ensure safety. Follow the same protocol when making the food as well: Have your “grill master” wear a mask and sanitize often while preparing burgers and hotdogs for the party. Serve the food with disposable utensils and dishes, and ask that your guests not reuse their paper and plastic when they want seconds (or thirds).

Provide extra sanitizing measures for the bathroom

First, write a friendly note to keep on your bathroom door about sanitary rules for guests to follow. Provide disposable hand towels, and leave a trash can outside the bathroom door so guests can use their towel to turn off the sink faucet and open the door without touching handles and surfaces. 

Patriotic sanitization stations

Have fun with creating and decorating an outdoor and/or indoor hand-sanitizing station in red, white, and blue. Make an attention-getting sign, include it as part of your decor, and embrace the clean! You can either make your own sanitizer, or find patriotic hand sanitizer online to purchase before the party. 

Enjoy Fourth of July traditions

Watching fireworks, having outdoor dance parties, and taking lots of memorable photos are all still possible during these uncertain times; just do them with caution of others around you!

Tidy up, before and after

Home Clean Heroes understands our customers’ concerns about their safety and health amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are here to remind you that a clean home is a healthier home. Regularly cleaning your home is the best way to prevent the spread of germs and disease, especially after hosting a fun, summer party. If you want to host a sanitary, stress-free Fourth of July barbecue this summer, check out our Party Protector Package that offers a before and after cleaning service for your home-hosted events. Have fun, stay healthy, and party patriotically this year!