Ways to Clean Your Outdoor Living Spaces for Summer

Now that summer is upon us, the time for outdoor activities is quickly approaching. Throughout the year, tidying your outdoor living space is probably not the first thing on your mind. But, now is the time to transition into spending more time outdoors, starting with a deep clean of your outdoor living space. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you ready for the summer season.

Start With a Quick Pickup

Before you get down to the nitty gritty, it’s important to eliminate any and all clutter that may have been left in your living space. Starting with a quick five-minute declutter should give you a great starting place for your deeper clean. 

Thoroughly Wipe Down Glass Surfaces

Family laughing on back porchAny and all glass furniture or accent pieces should be wiped down to remove any dirt and residue collected on the glass. The same goes for your windows. With a solution of one part water, one part white vinegar and half a teaspoon of a gentle, liquid soap and a soft microfiber cloth, thoroughly wipe down all glass surfaces in your outdoor living space. Make sure to dry these off with a dry, soft microfiber cloth when you finish. 

Clean Outdoor Fan Blades 

If you have any outdoor fans, this is an important step that often is forgotten! It is vital that you clean the blades of your outdoor fan before getting started on the floors, to avoid having to go back over the floors a second time. Using a soft brush with a long handle, gently dust the top of each fan blade to remove any dust, dirt and debris. 

Dust and Wipe Down Patio Furniture 

Next, we recommend cleaning your patio or deck furniture. In most cases, outdoor furniture does best with a solution of one teaspoon of biodegradable dish soap in a quart of warm water. If your furniture hasn’t been cleaned in a while, it is often helpful to use a brush to remove any cobwebs and other debris that may have built up on your furniture during the off season. Once you’ve lightly dusted the furniture, you will want to use a soft sponge with your cleaning solution, wiping down the furniture gently until it is clean. If for some reason you are having difficulty removing stubborn dust or debris from the furniture, you can add one tablespoon of borax to your solution, making the solution a little bit stronger. 

Final Step: Cleaning the Floor

Table on a back deckDepending on what your patio or deck looks like, your cleaning process might differ a little bit. But, regardless of what your deck is made of, you’re going to want to start with a full sweep to remove any large pieces of dust and debris. Next, you’re going to want to spray your deck down with a hose before adding a cleaning solution to the mix.

If your patio is concrete, you’re going to want to use a mixture of clear dish soap and water. Using a cotton string mop, clean the entire surface of the patio, afterwards going over any stained spots using a stiff bristle brush. 

On the other hand, if your patio is wooden, you’re going to want to use oxygen bleach to clean the surface of your patio. Oxygen bleach is a safer, more environmentally-friendly alternative to chlorine bleach. Combine your oxygen bleach with warm water and thoroughly scrub your patio using a scrub brush with a long handle. Let the solution sit for 15 minutes before rinsing with the hose. Pro tip: wait one to two days (or until the deck is fully dry) to put your furniture back. 


Now that you’ve tackled outside, if you need help cleaning up the inside of your home so you can enjoy your freshly cleaned outdoor space, call Home Clean Heroes at 844-HEY-HERO to get started today.