What to Expect from a Cleaning Service

Cleaning professional scrubbing a surface in gloves

Hiring a cleaning service is no small feat. Once you’ve decided you want to hand over the responsibility of maintaining a clean home to someone else, there are a few key things you want from a cleaning service. If you’re still in the process of deciding whether to ditch the dustpan and hire a cleaning company or not, here are a few things you can expect from a cleaning service.

Professionalism with Each Cleaning Service

With a cleaning company should come professionalism. For Home Clean Heroes, that means the following:

  • Trust: When you hire a cleaning service, you’re trusting the cleaning technicians you’ve never met to come in your home. It’s nice to be reassured that the cleaners have been background checked, and with larger companies like Home Clean Heroes, you get that reassurance. Home Clean Heroes cleaners are also insured and bonded, dedicated to providing you that reliable care with quality service. You can’t always say the same with independent cleaners.
  • Reliability: In addition to trust, you should be able to expect reliability in your professional cleaning company. Leaving it up to a team of cleaners ensures that they’ll arrive at the scheduled time, and clean your home exactly as anticipated with no unexpected surprises or unresolved messes.
  • Clear Communication: Professional cleaning companies provide fast and friendly communication, so that you’re always in the loop. Home Clean Heroes provides text alerts for arrival times so you can know exactly when your cleaning service is happening.

A New Level of Cleaning Detail

When you leave cleaning your home to the last minute and are trying to get everything done in 20 minutes, it’s easy to forget some of those hard to clean places such as fan blades or baseboards. With a cleaning service that has had thorough training, you get that consistent clean every time. At Home Clean Heroes, we also take measures to use color coded cleaning tools so that we never cross-contaminate between rooms. You have the reassurance of knowing the towel that just wiped down the toilet is not wiping down the bedroom nightstand or kitchen counter right after.

A Thorough Cleaning Checklist

In addition to the thorough training that cleaners go through, there is a cleaning checklist in place to ensure each and every room is completely cleaned to perfection.  And at Home Clean Hereos, we share that checklist so that there are no surprises, so you know exactly what to expect. Of course the checklist can be catered to your needs, ensuring you get the best clean for your home.

More Free Time for You

The best thing you can expect from a cleaning service is more free time! There’s nothing better than that feeling when you first step into your home after it’s been freshly cleaned. Once you experience that relaxation and calmness that sets in walking into a clean home, it’s hard to go back to taking on the stress and time suck that is cleaning your house.


While a cleaning company can’t solve all of life’s stresses, it can give you back that free time to focus on other things and bring you a moment of peace and calmness with one less thing to worry about. If you’re interested in getting your house cleaned by Home Clean Heroes, give us a call at 844-439-4376.