Commonly Overlooked and Rarely Cleaned Appliances in Your Kitchen

A dirty oven before getting cleaned by Home Clean Heroes

You may think you’re cleaning every inch of your kitchen that day you decide to spontaneously deep-clean your home. Truthfully, there are a few nooks and crannies we all tend to forget about. Here are 7 commonly overlooked areas and appliances in your kitchen that probably need to be cleaned, and how to clean them! Oven The self-cleaning function on your oven often gives off a bad odor in your kitchen. If you see a build up inside your oven from years of home-cooked meals, it may be time to deep clean the inside of your appliance. You’ll need rubber…

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Think more than just pink this October

October is breast cancer awareness month

October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness month, is a very important month for Home Clean Heroes. So many of us are or have been personally affected by breast cancer, and as cleaning experts, we wanted to share our knowledge on how to best care for your loved ones. This is such an important role that often times doesn’t get talked about, since the focus is usually on how to detect breast cancer early on.  We’re here to provide tips for those of you taking care of someone with breast cancer so that you can provide them with a healthier and…

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How Home Clean Heroes Keeps Your Home Cleaner and Safer

House cleaner using gloves and EPA approved disinfectant to safely clean homes

Home Clean Heroes has always been committed to providing clean homes, but are now more committed than ever! A clean and healthy home is important to making sure you and your family feel comfortable during these times. We are layering our existing standards of cleanliness with some new additions that we’ve put in place over the past few months. Disinfector on Duty: Superpowered Steps to Keeping Your Home Fresh and Clean We’ve created videos outlining our cleaning processes to show our customers that we are Disinfectors on Duty, here to save the day! Take a look at the precautions we’re…

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