How Home Clean Heroes Keeps Your Home Cleaner and Safer

House cleaner using gloves and EPA approved disinfectant to safely clean homes

Home Clean Heroes has always been committed to providing clean homes, but are now more committed than ever! A clean and healthy home is important to making sure you and your family feel comfortable during these times. We are layering our existing standards of cleanliness with some new additions that we’ve put in place over the past few months.

Disinfector on Duty: Superpowered Steps to Keeping Your Home Fresh and Clean

We’ve created videos outlining our cleaning processes to show our customers that we are Disinfectors on Duty, here to save the day! Take a look at the precautions we’re taking for both our valued customers and employees alike.

Safety Measures When Entering the Home

Our cleaners use hand sanitizer, put on face masks and don a fresh pair of gloves before exiting the vehicle. Items not unique to the home are left outside during service and disinfected at the end of each day. Our grime-fighters also put on shoe coverings upon request, and use a separate set of cloths to clean each home.

Social Distancing During Cleaning Service

Our cleaning teams will maintain social distancing throughout the cleaning process and ask that you move to a different area of the house if you are home during service.

Disinfecting High Touch Areas

We’ve introduced an EPA approved disinfectant to our suite of cleaning products, proven effective at killing COVID-19. We use this disinfectant on high touch areas throughout your home, such as faucets, handles, and doorknobs just to name a few.

Safety Measures When Leaving Your Home

After service is completed, the cleaners will change the vacuum cleaner bag before the next service, and dispose of the gloves worn during your home cleaning to ensure there’s no cross-contamination between homes.

Find out more information about the measures Home Clean Heroes is taking to keep everyone’s health and well-being top of mind. If you have more questions about the steps being taken in customer’s homes, give us a call!