Disinfector on Duty!

Graphic of a woman standing and her shadow as a superhero

Recently, there has been a larger focus on the frightening germs out there and ways to be more thorough with sanitizing and cleaning to combat those germs. Because of that, we want to introduce you to our newest Home Clean Heroes grime-fighter sidekick: Disinfector on Duty! Home Clean Heroes believes that a clean home is a healthier home, and so we’re here to save the day with added safety precautions when cleaning your home. Our Disinfector on Duty represents what we’re all about and is here to share some of our added cleaning practices we’ve put in place to keep…

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A Hero in Our Local Community

Home Clean Heroes Contest Winner Valarie smiling at work

While cleaning homes is our focus so that families can spend time doing the things that matter most, we also care deeply about giving back to our community. There have been so many amazing people stepping up over the past few months, that we wanted to focus on a Hero that stands out for doing good during this difficult time. Each year, Home Clean Heroes holds a Who’s Your Hero contest, in which people that live in the local community can nominate someone admirable in their life who deserves a free house cleaning. Home Clean Heroes then selects a winner…

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Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Sanctuary

Woman happy and relaxed on her couch

During these stressful times of the COVID-19 crisis, everyone is spending more time inside at home.  If you are like most of the world, you may feel like the walls are starting to close in as you crave some normalcy back in your everyday life. Here are some of our favorite tips for making your home feel more like a sanctuary rather than a prison cell. Make your bed every day. It might not seem like a big deal, especially if you live alone, but getting into a freshly made bed every evening is like your upcoming sleep giving you…

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