Tips for Keeping Germs Away from Your Home

Home Clean Heroes bottles of cleaning solution

As summer wraps up and school is back in session, the weather is starting to cool off and we’re heading into fall! With the changing temperatures and seasons comes the sniffles and colds. Home Clean Heroes is here to provide you with some tips to keep germs away, so that your home can stay cleaner to help you stay healthier. Tip #1: Sanitize High Touch Surface Areas While countertops are a basic surface that comes to mind when maintaining a clean home, there are areas we’re touching on a daily basis that probably get skipped in your cleaning routine. Here…

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How to Wash Difficult Pieces of Furniture

Image of couch, a difficult to wash piece of furniture

We’ve all hit that moment of panic when a spill happens on an unexpected furniture piece. Whether a wine spill on a couch, or kids coloring on a wooden piece of furniture, unexpected marks are bound to happen on your furniture. The good news is, there are typically cleaning hacks for any tricky spills or marks. We’re here to bring you a few simple hacks to keep those difficult furniture pieces looking fresh. How to Remove Couch Stains For fabric upholstery, make an easy at-home cleaning solution with ¼ cup vinegar, ¾ cup warm water and a tablespoon of dish…

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How to Remove Smells from Household Appliances

Oven that needs a deep clean

We love the ease that household appliances bring to our lives, but after so much use, these can start to get funky smells if left unattended. We’re bringing you a few easy tips to keep your appliances smelling fresh. Getting Rid of Weird Dishwasher Smells Do you ever experience unpleasant aromas coming from your dishwasher, AFTER it’s done cleaning? This can result in your dishes smelling like wet dog, which no one wants. This can be the result of a few different problems, including a dirty or clogged filter, food residue on the walls of your dishwasher, mold on the…

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