Our Favorite Tidy Tips

Our Favorite Tidy Tips - Home Clean Heroes - Lemon Background

If you have been following our Facebook page, you’ve likely seen some of our Tidy Tips we routinely share (hint: we call it #TidyTipTuesday for a reason). To save you the time of scrolling through past posts, we have pulled together 10 of our top favorite tips (and a few new ones, too) into this handy list for easy reference.

Have extra lemons laying around? Try some of these tricks…

  • Bring a shine back to your faucets by rubbing a lemon half on the watermarks. The citric acid helps remove hard water stains.
  • Smelly garbage disposal? Run a few lemon rinds through the garbage disposal, then follow with cold water. Lemon fresh!
  • Cut a lemon in half and rub it against your cutting board to remove stains. For an extra kick, sprinkle salt on it, too.
  • Clean your microwave by filling a microwave-safe bowl with ½ cup water first. Squeeze the juice from one lemon into the water, and then drop the lemon halves into the bowl. Place the bowl in the microwave and heat on high for three minutes (or until water comes to a boil). Don’t open the microwave door and let the bowl sit for another five minutes. Then, open the door, remove the bowl and wipe the microwave clean – don’t forget the door!

Fun Fact: Save a few extra lemons and treat yourself to some fresh lemonade with one of our favorite recipes.

Need some fast & tidy tips when it comes to pets? Look no further:

  • Dog bed becoming a little smelly? Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the bed. Let it stand for about 15 minutes and then vacuum the bed.
  • Hairy car seats from animals? Instead of vacuuming the car, use a lint roller. You’ll be able to reach those small spaces that a vacuum couldn’t.
  • Keep your pets’ toys clean, and free from bacteria and germs by tossing them into the dishwasher alone (without dishes) once a month. But hold the detergent: just turn the temp to hot. The heat plus the water pressure will completely sanitize plastic or rubber toys. And not only will a quick wash help ensure that your four-legged baby stays healthy, but it’ll also prolong the life of the toys and keep your floors, carpets, and furniture clean, too!

Fun Fact: National Pet Day is April 11th!

Love red wine? Cry over the lost wine, not the stain. Use these tricks to get that vino right out:

  • Salt your carpet! Blot as much of the red wine as you can with a paper towel first, then cover the entire stain with salt until you can’t see the stain anymore. Let the salt soak into the wet stain and then dry. As the salt dries, it should suck up the stain. Once the salt is dry again, vacuum everything up.
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of dish soap + 1 cup hydrogen peroxide. Pat stain with mixture. Blot with warm water and let dry. This is great for light colored clothes, as hydrogen peroxide acts like bleach.
  • Or, stock up on Wine Away Red Stain Remover and keep it handy for this occasional spills!

Fun Fact: As red wines age, they become lighter in color.

Need more than just a tidy tip?

If you need more help than just these tidy tips to keep your home clean, call Home Clean Heroes at 757-819-4930. Whether you need cleaning on a regular basis, for a special occasion, or just a one-time clean for a big move, Home Clean Heroes has you covered!