Home Clean Heroes is Fighting Hunger Across Locations

One of the benefits of choosing Home Clean Heroes as your home cleaning service business of choice is that you’re not just getting a clean home. Our company goes beyond that, and is dedicated to giving back to our local communities. Starting in November, our different locations kicked off our annual participation in Heroes Fighting Hunger, where each of our Home Clean Heroes locations works with customers to collect canned goods and other non-perishable items on behalf of local food banks. Heroes Fighting Hunger runs through December, and then our Heroes drop off all donations during the first week of January to be given to families in need in the local community.

The Background of Heroes Fighting Hunger

Home Clean Heroes Director of Marketing, Kathy Turley, came up with the concept of Heroes Fighting Hunger when she realized her husband had purchased several cans of clam chowder and felt like they’d never eat them all. She thought it would be a good idea to donate the canned soups, and then the idea for Heroes Fighting Hunger was born. Canned goods are donated in January purposefully to restock the shelves of food banks that are often depleted after the holidays. While the holiday season is top of mind for people to donate meals to families in need, that period immediately after the holidays is when there’s a great need for donated meals.

Home Clean Heroes Sets Goal of 2,000 Canned Goods

Box of canned goods for the Heroes Fighting Hunger food driveHome Clean Heroes has doubled our goal of canned goods this year to 2,000! With several new locations open this year, we have full confidence that we’ll be able to meet our goal in order to help as many families as we can! You can keep track of our progress in the food drive here where we’ll be regularly updating how many cans we’ve collected. You can also visit the page to find individual location’s donation progress.

If you’re interested in helping to fight hunger, it doesn’t have to end with the Heroes Fighting Hunger food drive. There are several important ways you can give back.

  • You can provide non-perishable items to your local food bank. Check out your local food bank’s website for recommended items to bring.
  • Monetary donations are always welcome at food banks. Visit your local food bank’s website to find out how you can donate financially.
  • Food banks typically are in need of volunteers. If you don’t have the resources to give financially, volunteering to help sort cans at the food bank is always helpful.
  • Get educated. Often times, people aren’t aware of the needs in their own community. Learning about how prevalent hunger is can be eye-opening, but is also how we bring about change. Most local food bank websites offer information and resources that can help you get educated and spread awareness.

Home Clean Heroes is proud to have a cause we stand behind that can help families out in our area. We also love getting the opportunity to get our customers involved so that they can play a part in making a difference.