Back to School Cleaning Routine Tips

Boy with backpack on

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over, but since fall is quickly approaching, back to school time is as well.  We have put together a small list of tips we think will help you perfect your routine in preparing for the back to school season. This task may sound overwhelming, but with tips from our Home Clean Heroes team, back to school cleaning should be a breeze. Start By Creating a Plan The easiest way to start is to make a list of your goals. Which particular areas of the home are you going to focus on?…

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6 Questions to Ask About Green Home Cleaning

Green home cleaning products

Looking for a green home cleaning service? Ask these questions to ensure that the companies you're researching can deliver! What certifications does your company have? How do you minimize waste? What kind of cleaning products do you use? How do you reduce the carbon footprint of your vehicles? Do you use independent contractors? If choosing environmentally friendly products and services matters to you, you're not alone. Nearly 6 in 10 consumers say that sustainability influences their choices. There's a wide range of steps you can take to be greener, and they go far beyond installing solar panels or driving an…

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Favorite Summer Grilling Recipes and How to Clean Your Grill

Peppers and mushrooms on a grill

Summer has arrived, and so has the time for cookouts and backyard grilling. We have put together a collection of some of our favorite summer grilling recipes, followed by some tidy tips for cleaning your grill.    Favorite Summer Grilling Recipes Grilled Corn on the Cob There’s nothing more fitting for summer than grilled corn on the cob. There are different ways to grill corn on the cob depending on what end result you’re looking for.  First, you can grill your corn while it's still inside the husk. Using this method, you will usually see much less char, if any at…

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